Thursday, March 8, 2012

A Fashion Goodbye Post

Since this is going to be my last post for two weeks (I'll be on a missions trip) I figured I would do something special. So here is my new dress that my orchestra is wearing for their upcoming concert. My only complaint is that I wish it had sleeves. The colour is beautiful!

See ya'll in two weeks!!!!!!!


  1. You look very pretty Maddy! :D
    (Although I do like the one from the Christmas concert a whole lot better.;)

  2. That is such a pretty dress!!! I love the color.

    So, you play the violin, huh? That's awesome. I wanted to play the violin when I was a kid. Some friends of ours even let us have an old violin that they had. It wasn't a very good violin, though, and I didn't have lessons, so that dream of mine faltered and died.

    Now, I really want to learn to play the mandolin. In case you don't know, (cause I certainly didn't before a few days ago) a mandolin is an Italian instrument, almost like a guitar, only it makes a lighter plinking sound, sorta like a ukulele.

    Sorry, I'm a rambler.

    ~Darby May~

  3. You look very pretty! Thats a nice color on you. And i lovvve your gorgeous hair.

  4. Megs: Hm.... I like them both. The other one looks better on me. :)

    Darby May: Rambling is good. :) I l-o-v-e my violin. You should give it a try!!!

    Talia: Thank you SO much. I actually kind of get really excited when people compliment my hair. :D

  5. OOh I love your dress! It's a great color and really goes with your hair well :) I wish mine would look like that even just one time :P
    Miss you while you are away...but have fun!
    Keep Growing Beautiful♥ (Because You Are!)


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