Thursday, April 5, 2012

The Hunger Games and The Embittered Ruby

I have officially watched The Hunger Games.

Yes. Yes, I have.

It was GOOD. Yes, yes it was.

Question for you: Do you like GALE or PEETA better?

Katniss was AWESOME. Self-assured, but yet insecure, and so PRETTY.

Cinna I LOVE.
I appreciate how he loves Katniss for WHO SHE IS.

EFFIE WAS EFFIE (Effie = awesome).

Seneca Crane (that was this guy, right?) was pretty cool. His beard is dangerous and soooo perfect. "If the games don't get you, the beard will." :)

YAY PEETA. He was pretty awesome.

I don't think I'm biased when I say Katniss was the PRETTIEST girl who got interviewed.

Caesar is cool. He made me laugh SO HARD.

And I like Gale. They chose the PERFECTO actor.

Rue was TOO CUTE. She was so sweet.

This is THE HUNGER PAINS. It made me laugh. :)


(if the movie doesn't load for you, you can check it out HERE)

I appreciated how The Hunger Games was put together. It's a very violent theme, obviously. I cried SO HARD when Rue died. But wow. I wasn't sure whether to expect a "well done" movie, or another Twilight (don't get me wrong, I'm not a Twilight-hater. But I do not agree with the themes/romance/vampire-werewolf thing).

I was pleased that they didn't overdue the Peeta-Katniss thing. They didn't hold it on the screen when Cato got eaten by weird-vicious-animal-things.

I like Clove. Glimmer ... I didn't like so much.

The people in the movie are so evil ... and they don't even seem to know it. My family and I had a discussion about it -The Hunger Games is a warning of what we were, what we are, and what we are to come.

The previews before the movie scared me more than the movie did. They showed clips from a movie called "The Cabin in the Woods" before The Hunger Games started. My friend was like "TELL ME WHEN TO LOOK" and I was like "TELL ME WHEN TO LOOK."

It makes me sad to think that is what the world has come to. I was FREAKED OUT. And that wasn't the only scary commercial.

And The Embittered Ruby.

i love this cover

 I don't really know what to say about this kind of book. My mom and I had a discussion about them and I am still at a loss. The content makes me wince.

I'm not saying this about this book (I thought it was pretty well done, though not for someone my age) but sometimes I think so-called "Christian" books can often be worse than secular. People who do not yet know God's love could be influenced by sexual comments/content and violence or language and gather a twisted view of us. Or we might gather a twisted view of ourselves.

I learned more about building a stronger relationship with God when I read Losing Faith, a non-Christian book written by a Christian author ...

 ... then I did from a "Christian" book which I will not point fingers at for... reasons known only to me.

I end this post with a song. A beautiful beautiful song.


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  1. Peeta isn't PRETTY awesome. He's FREAKIN' AWESOME! x3 *fistpump*


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