Saturday, April 28, 2012


Camp Rock. A movie I never ever EVER thought I would see. But when a friend brought it over on a Sunday afternoon I thought I might give it a try.

Camp Rock. The movie I thought I'd never like. It wasn't as good as my favourite and cheesy High School Musical, but it was good.

Mitchie's smile is huuuuge

To me Tess seems like a little girl playing dress up in fancy clothes (not like Sharpay from High School Musical ♥) It's hard not to compare the two movies when they are so alike in style

Who can NOT like the typical stereo-type cheesy romance musical?

Camp Rock 2 is pretty good, but not as good. I do, however, WANT THE SOUND TRACK TO THESE MOVIES SO INCREDIBLY BAD. I can't stop singing it for some reason. "I ... am good at wasting time ... I think lyrics need to rhyme ... introducing me ... this is me ..." AAAAAAAAAAHHH!!! If you have a listen to some of them you'll see what I mean. And now they're mixing with the High School Musical songs which are also stuck in my head. I managed to switch from "Fabulous" (High School Musical) to Gabriella and Troy's break up song (High School Musical) to "This is Me" (Camp Rock) without even trying.

Listen to some yourself and see if you don't get stuck on them.

Off the subject of Camp Rock, this hair is just ... wow.


Yesterday was a good day. :) I woke up really early because I had a violin lesson in the morning, and then I did school when I got back and practiced piano. And then my sister and brother and I turned on Camp Rock music and sang along and danced (AWKWARD). And then my sister and I pretended to be Weeping Angels from a movie we saw together a week or two ago. And then we listened to more Camp Rock or High School Musical songs until my friend and her friend and her family came to pick me up and I went to someone's farm and played capture the flag with my friend's youth group.

It was a lot of fun. ♥

me :)

Today I went shopping with my sis and my mom and I got really absorbed in my book so I didn't get out of the car at all. :)

My friend and I (we write THIS blog together) wrote a story together via texting about a duck named Thesaurus and a book named Dictionary. I might just post it some time ...

Tomorrow my friend  comes over and we're going to maybe do a photo shoot with her amazing camera and maybe walk to the gas station and back if my mom says yes and maybe (JUUUUUSSSST MAYBE) watch Camp Rock 2. I need to get these voices out of my head ...

Annnd my brother just got back from work. Now if you'll excuuuse me, I'm going to go find something wholesome that has nothing to do with chocolate to eat. I'm not going to edit this ...


  1. Neat post, book blogger. And thanks for the lovely comment you left me on my cooking blog! :)

    For your question, I had this group do the blog designing for me., and they do it for free! Hope you enjoy it. ;)

  2. Hahah I love this post! Camp Rock is DA BOMB.


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