Tuesday, March 15, 2011

On Movies...(#3)

Hello everyone!
Here are some more scenes from some movies I've watched. See if you can guess what movies they're from. Have fun!

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  1. I don't knowvery many of these:
    1- how to train your dragon
    2- don't know
    3- Laura Ingalls?
    4- don't know
    5- don't know
    6- nims island

  2. Hi!
    I think they are:
    1. how to train your dragon.
    2. Alice in Wonderland
    3. not sure
    4. not sure
    5. not sure
    6 nims island

    I'm Sara, and I would like you to (somehow) make a button thing for me??? I got recomended of you from Gallop girl.
    Here is the link to my blog( also, can I be your friend?):

  3. Hi! I thought I commented before this, but I guess not, so....

    1. Ho to Train Your Dragon (One of my favorite movies!)
    2. Alice in Wonderland
    3. Unknown
    4. Unknown
    5. Okay, no this is a very wild guess, so don't laugh if its wrong, is it maybe, just maybe, Ms Potter?
    6. Nims Ilsand

    Please tell me if I'm right!



  4. Hi Book blogger:
    I am so sorry for not getting back to you sooner.
    On monday I went to a funeral, and I have been pretty busy ever since.
    Anyway, I could wait till you are done your blogging break.
    I still have to pick the picture that I want, so I don't mind waiting till your break is done.
    I would not mind in the least writing something about how well you did making my button.
    I am sure I won't have anything to say about what I didn't like :)
    In HIS service,

  5. #2 is Alice in Wonderland, and #3 is Little House on the Prairie, but I don't know the rest!

  6. #1. How to train your dragon.
    #2. Alice in Wonderland.
    #3. Little house
    #4. Miss Potter
    #5. No Idea
    #6. Nims Island


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