Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Answers To My Last Post, How To Gift Wrap A Cat For Christmas, And A Break

The Answers:

Here are the answers to my post "On Movies...(#3)"

Picture #1: How To Train Your Dragon - I really liked this movie! Anyone who reads this post has got to see it!

Picture #2: Alice In Wonderland - This movie is weird, but funny and very enjoyable

Picture #3: Laura Ingalls Wilder (tv series) - I love Laura Ingalls Wilder, the books and the movies

Picture #4: MacGyver (tv series) - The MacGyver series is awesome!

Picture #5: Miss Potter - This movie is great! I HIGHLY recommend it!

Picture #6: Nim's Island - I enjoyed this movie a lot!

How To Gift Wrap A Cat Video

This video is really funny!

A Break

Maybe you've guessed it by now, but I am taking a two week long blogging break. Will you miss me?

Good-bye blogworld!


  1. Hi!
    1. God's Girl (in th middle)
    2. the lightish pink flower piture that I am going to put upon one of my next blog posts
    3.uh . . . will everyone see it if I put on here?
    'cause I don't want people reading this and getting my email address!!!

    and also, could you a button for another blog of mine ?
    1.Girlfriends! (in the middle, up the top)
    2.a dark/red flower piture I will put on one of my blog posts!!!
    3.same email address!!!
    thank you so much!!!!!

  2. Oh hi again!!!
    I will put this thing * on the photos I would like you to use!!

  3. Hi!

    In answer to your qestion~

    Libby at Spring Flowers Blog Design did it!

    Here, I'll give you the URL of Spring Flowers Blog Design:

    There! Bye!



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