Friday, April 1, 2011

Poetry in Motion

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Here are some poems of mine. They are ALL copyright (by Book blogger 2011)
The Race For Time
I went to a race on day,
It had a bad turnout,
I got a burnout,
I was last,
I came home with a cast,
but it was a blast!

That poem, as you can imagine, did not take me long to write. But it was fun to write! And I don't think it's that bad.

A Walk In The Woods
The flowers dance in the breeze,
the deer hide in the trees,
butterflies leap and dance in the air,
the wind ruffles the girl's hair.

A rabbit sit atop a log,
the squirrels disguise themselves in the fog,
the girl looks to the sky, an azure sky, so impossible to beautify.

The bees buzz peacefully,
while the brook bubbles and plays,
the girl smiles contentedly,
while rabbits find their way home through a tree maze.

I omitted the last verse on this poem because I decided I didn't like it.

The Girl (don't you just love my creative titles?)
There once was a girl from Zamboo,
who loved to go to the zoo.
She was feeding a tiger,
who much didn't like her,
but preferred her to cockatoo stew!

My brother and mom helped me write "The Girl" poem.

In The Ocean Deep
Seaweed sways in the Deep,
While dolphins play around and leap,
schools of fish swim about,
fisherman try to catch some trout.

Sharks are waiting open mouthed,
for fish to swim into their trap.
Whales are swimming circles round,
while making not a single sound.

A seagull lands atop my sail,
the wind it tells a lonely tale,
the boat is rocking me to sleep,
all this happens here (in the Ocean Deep).

What do you think?


  1. My favorite is 'In the Ocean Deep'!

    'The Girl' Reminds me of that popular poem:
    There was a lady of niger
    who smiled as she rode on a tiger
    They came back from the ride
    with the lady inside
    and the smile on the face of the tiger.

    I WOVE chickens!!! (I love your picture too!:)

    One really funny poem goes:

    Goosey, goosey gander,
    wither shall I wander,
    upstairs and downstairs
    and in my lady's chamber.
    There I met an old man who wouldn't say his prayers,
    I took him by the left legand threw him down the stairs!

  2. Hey, glad to see you back!!!
    What do you mean you will send my button on Saturday or Sunday? Did you make it already?
    Yes, I love your new profile picture, nice poems too.
    I did find a picture for my button, but if you made me one already, and I like it, then it's fine!
    I am glad to see you back!!!
    In HIS service,

  3. I like them a lot! Very well done!


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