Thursday, April 7, 2011

I've been awarded!

Both Rebecca from "Living for Christ" and Rose from "Through My Eyes" awarded me the "Versatile Blogger" award! Thank you, Rebecca and Rose, for the beautiful award! I am honoured that you chose my blog!

To claim my award I have to: *Thank the person that gave me the award
*List seven things about myself
*Award other bloggers whose blogs inspire me
*Contact the people I awarded and let them know that they received the award

Seven things about myself:
1. My birthday is February 6th
2. I love the smell of licorice
3. I play the violin and piano
4. My favourite things to do are read, write, and bake
5. My best friend has blond hair
6. I want to get glasses, but I don't need them
7. I LOVE tomato soup and ketchup (tomato soup is one of my favourite foods), but I do NOT like tomatoes

Now, the people I am awarding:
Shaynie from: "Journaling Journeys"
Scezzle from: "PAWS"
Faith from: "Something Fun"
Nela from: "Beloved Star"
Sara from: "God's Girl"
Alistar of Woodland from: "The Writings Of An Aspiring Author"
Nicki T. from: "Random Writer's Ramblings"
Lauren Nicole from: "With A Smile And A Song"

The people I have given an award to must do the same things I did to receive the award. List seven things about themself and award other bloggers that have inspired them. If you don't want the award, then tell me, and I can pass it on to someone else.

Hope you have all have a blessed day!
~Book blogger


  1. Hi there, I got your comment on my blog. Thanks so much for the award! :) I'll get started on my post ASAP. ;)

  2. Thank you! ;) I will try to get to it soon!

  3. Thank you so much!! I also love to play the piano :)

  4. Thanks so much! I'll get started on that as soon as possible!

  5. Thanks!!!
    um . . . the "Girlfrends" log is a private blog for a certin group of girls, who get together once a mounth(though we actually see each of more often then that!!!) so, could you I will give you the address, but you will not be able to see the real blog! if that doesn't work, than you can just delete the almsot-finshed button!!! will give it to you in a few minutes. sorry for any incovenice!!!

  6. here is the link to girlfriends:

    this is Sara from "God's Girl"

  7. I saw your comment on my blog just
    email-me at


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