Monday, April 11, 2011

I'm Fasting...

You probably realize that Easter is coming up in two weeks. And, beginning tomorrow and ending on Easter Sunday, I will be fasting from blogging. I will still be checking my email, but will not be using the internet. Just wanted to let you know. My mom will be fasting from sweets. I would like to encourage you to fast from something too.

Oh, and Marieanne from Blizzard Blog Designs is making me a new blog design! I am very excited about that!


  1. Interesting. How 'bout I fast from schoolwork? :P

  2. I'd like a blog button please!!! XD

    Here's the info:

    1 Color preferences: Black words, or maybe orange, green, red, or blue--to match my background.

    2 What I'd like written and where: I'd like 'PAWS' in big letters, slanted in the left, top corner. Then, 'Randomness starts HERE' in little letters bellow the dragon.

    3 Background pic link:
    Could you shrink it a little? I don't like HUGE buttons. They're so inconvenient. :P :)

    4 My email address you already know.

    Email me if you need anything!!! ;)

    See you soon,

  3. Two weeks...*huff* two weeks..*huuff*..I can make two weeks without my best friend blogging, right?

    -_- wat ever. Just felt like being the weirdo I am.

  4. Hi . . .
    The Girlfriends blog button is for decoration only, could you please change it?
    By the way it is my birthday tomorrow!!!


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