Saturday, April 2, 2011

On Movies...(#4)

Mornin' everybody! Here are some more scenes from movies. See if you can guess where they are from.


  1. 1. A Series Of Unfortunate Events
    2. Princess Bride
    3. Cheaper Buy The Dozen
    4. Princess Diaries 2 The Royal Engagement
    5. The Parent Trap
    6. I don't know

    These posts are really fun to comment on!


  2. OH!!! I KNOW THIS ONE!!!
    1 A Series of Unfortunate Events (BEST MOVIE EEVEER!!! >///< *Super toatlly exited*)
    2 Princess Bride (I LOVE THAT MOVIE!!! Best comedy ever.)
    3 No clue
    4 No idea
    5 PARENT TRAP! (I love that movie too)
    6 I'm clueless

  3. 1. No idea
    2. Princess Bride
    3. Cheaper by the Dozen
    4. Princess Diaries 2
    5. Parent Trap
    6. Secretariat

  4. Hi Book blogger,
    I sent you an email with all my info :)
    In HIS service,

  5. A Series of Unfortunate Events, The Princess Bride, Cheaper by the Dozen, Princess Diaries 2, Parent Trap, Secretariat.

  6. A series of unfortante events
    not sure
    Cheaper by the dozon
    princess diaries2
    parent trap


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