Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Pictures (aren't my titles so creative?)

I'm a doodler, not a drawer. I can draw, but, well, I find doodling much more satisfying. I don't have to painstakingly draw staight lines and use just the right colours. In fact, when I doodle, I usually just scribble circles, swirls, or little animals on a piece of paper. I'm still working on my people drawings. It's so hard to get their faces and body lines just right. But, when I set my mind to it, I can actually draw pretty good.

Yesterday I was in a drawing mood, so I used the animal drawing book that my brother gave me for Christmas to create these kittens. In the first picture, the kittens are the way I originally drew them. In the second picture I have added water. Which do you like better?

I also drew this little chick. The second picture has water added. But I went a little overboard, so it's kind of wrinkled.

And here is a picture of a dolphin I drew about month ago.

And, here are two other pictures. I didn't draw them. Or did you already know that? ;)


  1. Wow, your a good.... Artist? I guess the word would be.

  2. Hello Book blogger,
    Nice pictures. I like the ones you added water to.
    Anyways, will you please hop over to my blog, I have a blog award there for you!
    In HIS service,

  3. Cute! Is the bottom one the one that I took?


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