Sunday, November 6, 2011

Movie Review: Ella Enchanted

At birth, every child in Frell is given a gift by the well-meaning but yet misguided fairy, Lucinda.

In Ella's case, the gift is more of a curse. Obedience. She must obey ever command given to her - whether she wants to or not.

If people found out, they would no doubt misuse it. Only Ella's mother and sister know. Not even her father is told of it. And then, at her mother's death bed, Ella is commanded to tell no one of her curse. And of course, she cannot disobey.

Not long after Ella loses her mother, her father remarries, to the rich Dame Olga, who brings with her, her daughters, the boy-crazy Hattie and Olive.

But actually, they have their eyes set on one boy in particular. Prince Char.

Hattie is the president of Prince Char's fan club. All the girls in it are quite crazy for him, so you can imagine why Prince Char prefers the company of the strong-willed, opinionated Ella... Except one problem. She can't stand him.

When Hattie and Olive discover that Ella is cursed into doing everything they say and begin to ask unreasonable tasks of her, Ella decides it is time to take action.

She must find Lucinda and ask her to take the gift back.

So off she goes. Her only companion being a talking book full of maps.

That is, until she runs into the cheeky elf, Slannen.

After a long, painful journey, Ella's goal remains unaccomplished. Lucinda refused to take back the gift she forced upon her! And now Ella needs help more than ever, because she was commanded to thrust a knife into the back of the man she loves, right at the moment she should be saying, "I do!"

She must overcome Lucinda's magic to save the lives of those she loves.

My thoughts:

I love this movie! The story line is very clever and Anne Hathaway was perfect for the part of Ella.

The clothing was kind of revealing. I really didn't like that.

There is a really awkward part where Ella is told to sing a song, then to dance with it, and then dance with more spirit.... yeah. I felt a little uncomfortable during that part.

I guess what mostly bothered me about this movie was the clothing. Aside from that, it was great! An odd mix of modern and fairytale, but still I fell in love with it from the very beginning.

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