Monday, November 21, 2011


I cannot believe how quickly the days have flown by since my last post.

November and December are busy days for me. I have spent my time writing, reading, doing school, and preparing for the Christmas season, in which I have several violin concerts scheduled. However, I only make money off one of them.

Music has kept me quite busy. I am excited to say that I began grade eight piano only a couple weeks ago. I also had my first paying violin concert last month!

The two songs that you see in this video are my favourite grade eights songs. Both very expressive and loud. :P

Okay, this made me laugh out loud. Take a look!

I've got to go! But before I do, I've got to ask... What have you busied yourself with this past while?


  1. Yes I have Busied myself extremely!


  2. Writing, school, piano, art class, etc. Life, pretty much.

    Lawl, that's what I always say.


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