Thursday, February 23, 2012

Beware: of long posts about movies and such...

I really don't like shopping malls. But to get clothes, sometimes a person must enter them. And I did. So expect a fashion post really soon!

Next on the agenda, I'm leaving for two weeks in March on a missions trip. And in June. And possibly another time. But we won't talk about that now.

I am once against to be annoying and advertise my new blog,

Tonight I am hoping to watch My Fair Lady.

Have you guys seen it? What did you think of it?

I also saw The Adventures of Tintin... a while ago.

A good movie, that. I love everything about it. I just love stories with adventure and pirates and treasure and ships. :) I just LOVE this moment in the movie...

And Thompson and Thomson were... well... the Thompson and Thomson. Slightly annoying, but awesome in their own way.

The guy on the left was just scary!!! And I was just starting to like him, too! My favourite people always have to turn out to be the bad guys...

I can't make up my mind about Captain Haddock. I think I like him... It's just he's always... drunk. But he's so smart, too.


I also just finished watching the High School Musical series over the course of a little while.

They. Were. AWESOME.

I used to make fun of them, but they were so GOOD. For the most part.

These two guys... these two were just awesome.

Troy, the guy on the left, was AMAZING. And Chad too. I love their brotherly relationship.

This song, The Boys Are Back, is awesome. It's like one of THE best songs.

Next to some of the ones Gabriella sings anyway.

And she.


Her hair is to die for, and she is so SWEET. Something about her bugged me in the third one, but I still loved her.

Her wardrobe degraded by the third one, but aside from a some short skirts I thought they kept it pretty modest. And some of those dresses... I just loved them (I think I pretty much 'just loved' everything about this movie, as you may have already noticed :).

She is GORGEOUS. Her singing voice is one of THE best I've ever heard.

See this song... that moment was so sad...

And Gabriella's romance with Troy was pretty clean... which I was really happy about...

They look so cute together.

Sharpay is AWESOME. You want to watch the movie over and over just to see her.

She was priceless! Typical popular girl used to getting everything she wants.

She was just awesome.

And then there's... Ryan.

He starts out pretty clueless (and has some of THE best lines EVER) and it's fun to watch him grow less dependent on Sharpay, his sister.

At the end of the High School Musical trilogy, Ryan finally gets matched up with someone.

And she's the PERFECT choice.

Piano extraordinaire... Kelsi. Kelsi is so shy at first, and I just love her.

She has a lot of pressure on her at first, and it's interesting to watch her deal with it.

And there's Taylor.

Not only is she beautiful, but she's really caring about her friends.

And she DOESN'T make it easy for Chad to ask her to the high school prom.

The High School Musical series is, of course, very cheesy, but it's also officially one of my favourite movies EVER. There are some very emotional songs, the actors are awesome, and the songs are AWESOME (that word is way over-used).

The first movie was super clean and the best, but the second one was only okay. I think some of that stuff really could have been taking out. The third one was WAY better.



I'm done.

Hope you enjoyed it! (look for a post on fashion and The Hunger Games coming up really soon!!!)

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  1. I think my favorite song from High School Musical 3 is Scream, or the one where Troy and Gabriella are on the roof.


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