Sunday, February 26, 2012


I watched My Fair Lady. It. Was. AWESOME.

I am completely in love with Audrey Hepburn as of this moment.

She wears the PRETTIEST dresses. And every time she sings I just fall *that* much more in love.

I am a CRAZY fan of old musicals, and this one was just amazing. Professor Higgins was annoying and got everything he wanted, and he never does change, but there IS something so clever about him.

Eliza (Audrey Hepburn) worried me at the beginning, with all her screaming and her strange accent.

But that wasn't really her.

And Freddy was HILARIOUS. He was so utterly in love with Eliza it was almost gross.

I don't see how Freddy could help it, however.

She was so insanely gorgeous.

Her hair here made me smile. It WAS kind of cute, though.

My Fair Lady is a VERRRRY long movie. My mom and I sat down to watch it, expecting an hour at best, and found ourselves seated in front of the TV until close to midnight. In the end, my mom left and I watched the end by myself. I would have saved it for the next day, but I couldn't just leave Eliza in the scrape she was in!! :)

Our church showed Courageous this morning.

What a heart-wrenching movie. I was bawling the whole way through.

When the adorable nine year-old died... when they all resolved to be better dads... when that awesome guy turned out to be a bad guy right at the end...

I will never forget that. Courageous had just the right mix of hilariousness and tears. It's not often that you find a good, Christian movie, but this was one of them.

I spent the day with those gorgeous girl. I love her a lot!!! ♥

she's on the left, I'm on the right
I got Facebook for my birthday. It's so much fun!

I love this song...

Joannie Rochette is amazing. Just sayin'.

I have to get off now, or else I'd go on a lot longer!!!!


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