Saturday, January 22, 2011

My button!!!!!!!!

Lulu finished making my button!

Life..the Way I See It

Thank you Lulu!


  1. Ha! I just sent in a form for Lulu to make me a button, then I realized that you chose her too! I can't wait to have my own!
    That button is so cute. It is a must-have for my blog. ;) I'll put it on right away!

  2. My button did turn out well. Once again, thank you Lulu!
    I'm going to try to make buttons on my own soon. Would you leave one blog without a button so I can make you one?

  3. book blogger, the easiest way to make a button is to google search manic mother make a blog button. thats where i learned.

  4. I love the button! how classy,And I love your blog. Thanks for following me!



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