Saturday, January 15, 2011


Me and Scezzle had a sleepover!! We went and watched a play and then my mom went and got us come ice cream. While we had the ice cream we watched a movie.

This morning we woke up and did my paper route. Then we had breakfast and went to the park to take pictures with my new camera. We got some really good pictures. We brought my dog along and he actually stayed still long enough to let us take his picture. It was really fun! When we got back me and Scezzle made ourselves some lunch. Then we washed the dishes.

Maybe later I'll post some of the pictures that we took.


  1. Chubby did really well in the pictures. He is SO cute!!!
    That was lots of fun using your new camera!

  2. Yeah, that was fun. And now we have some really great pictures! See you soon!
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