Monday, January 17, 2011

My Story

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Chapter one

"No," my mom, Judy, put her foot down. "And that's my final answer."
"But mom," I protested.
"No but's, Sarah. I don't need you to get a job. I can provide for the family without your help."
"Mom, please. Just let me get a job until you find work."
"Sarah, just drop it. I don't want to hear another word on the subject," Judy said. She looked tired.
I dropped into a chair. "Mom..."
"I told you to drop it." And with that, Judy left her seat and hurried from the room.
I stared thoughtfully out the window. Ever since dad died and mom lost her job things have never been the same around here. Our family needs me to get a job. Mom doing odd jobs now and again aren't going to pay the bills.
I picked up the newspaper and went to the wanted section. Hmmm... There's a job at a tea shop. Nah, It doesn't pay enough. I could work as a waiter at "Burger Palace."
As I scanned the newspaper, an ad to work at an aquarium caught my eye. It wasn't anything special. I would work in the gift shop, but it was better than nothing. And it would probably pay more than the other jobs too.
I jumped up from my seat and ran upstairs to my mom's room.
"Mom, I've got it!"
"I said no, Sarah."
"But look at this. I could work at an aquarium!"
Judy sat up and held out her hand. I gave her the newspaper and she looked over the ad carefully. "The answer is still no."
"Please, mom. I've always wanted to work around animals."
Judy smiled and shook her head. "You'll never by satisfied until I say yes."
I hugged her hard. "Thanks mom!"
"I didn't say yes yet," Judy said.
But I was already out of the room. My mind, though, was out of the world.
My first job! This is so exciting!
As I opened the door to the car, my little sister, Devin, snuck up behind me.
"Boo!" she yelled.
I jumped.
Devin grinned up at me. "Where are you going Sarah?"
"I'm going to get a job! Mom finally gave me permission."
Devin wrapped her arms around me. "That's so great! Where are you working?"
"At an aquarium."
"Can I come in for free then?"
"I'm not even getting it for sure yet. I have to apply for it first."
"You'll get it, I know you will," Devin cheered.
I smiled and started the car. "Bye Devin."
Devin waved as I drove away.


The drive to the aquarium seemed to take a long time. I was beginning to worry they wouldn't have the job by the time I got there.
The lady at the desk smiled pleasantly at me. "Can I help you, miss?"
"I'm here about a job in the paper." I replied.
"You'll have to talk to the manager about that. He's down the hall, to your right." She pointed me in the right direction.
"Thanks." I took my time getting down the hall, rehearsing what I'd say. When I finally came to his door, I knocked. My knock seemed too loud in the quiet hallway.
"Come in," a male voice said.
I opened the door and took in the room. Aquarium stuffed animals, books, and figurines covered his shelves. The wallpaper had a strange greenish-blueish-yellowish hue to it. I had a feeling it was supposed to look like water, but it looked more like a dirty lake with garbage floating in it.
"Have a seat," the man invited.
I nervously sat down. "I'm here about a job."
"Ah, yes. Of course!" The man started laughing. His face turned red and he nearly fell out of his chair. It was a very funny sight to see, but I didn't laugh in case of offending him.
He cleared his throat and sat erect in his chair. "My apologies."
"What's so funny sir?"
He started laughing again. But managed to answer, "Nothing is funny."
I blinked.
He just grinned. "Never you mind. About the job, here's a form. Please fill it out."
The form read:

What's your favourite food?__________
What's your favourite colour? _________
What's your favourite outfit? __________
Do you enjoy eating cereal? ___________

"Sir, I don't think this is the right form."
He grabbed it from my hands, "It is. Why wouldn't it be right?"
I chose not to answer and filled out the form.
He glanced over it. "You're hired."

What do you think? Is it too weird?


  1. no, sorry I don't do designing for people anymore (except for giveaways), try going to


  2. Haha. ;) I thought it was pretty hilarious. :) My sisters all love to write (excluding moi) and they're the more serious type. I, the out-loud story teller - love the strange-make-you-laugh sort of stuff. :) I about fell out of my chair upon reading the end. Great work. ;)

  3. Heh, if you want it to be silly and unrealistic, you're heading the right way!
    If not, you're going a little over-board!
    Heh heh! Keep writing! :D

  4. Megan: Oh well. I'll try Blizzard Blog Design.
    Bethany: Thanks!
    Scezzle: I was going for realistic, but if you read the rest of the story you'll find that that scene with Sarah and the manager has a reasonable explanation.

  5. It certainly is interesting. However I am wondering how, for any job, they would ask those questions. Hope to see the rest of the story soon! :)

  6. I know it's weird, but in the end it will make sense, I hope.
    The manager in the story actually is escaped from an insane aslyum with the help of his daughter. I post more of the story later.


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