Thursday, January 20, 2011

*No title*

Something really exciting happened! Guess what?! I found a chest with two hundred dollars in it! It was buried in my backyard!
Okay, I didn't. But what else can I say? There's nothing to talk about. Am I boring you? If I am, all you need to do is say so, 'cause then I'll stop. Really, I will.

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  1. Oh, Maddy.
    You are so silly.
    I was like, You never told me that when we were on the phone.
    Hope some thing fun happens. ;)

  2. Thanks.
    Does that mean you actually believed it when you read it? Wow...

  3. I belived it when i saw it to. I was like, "LUCKY"! i wish i found a chest in my background with 2 hundread dollors. I would keep the chest.


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