Monday, June 27, 2011

How my Sunday went.....

I had a family picnic yesterday! It was kind of supposed to be celebrating my sister's birthday, which was back in May, and kind of a good-bye for me and my brother because we'll be going on a nice long trip pretty soon, and kind of just for fun. And it was fun.

I took a lot of pictures. Unfortunately, I can only post a few of them because most of them have people in them.

Here are the pictures I took. Most of them are of food, but having a food blog, it's turned into a habit of mine to take pictures of that particular object. :)

The trees were very beautiful!

And, of course, the oh-so-common (and delicious) picnic food....

My family is very big on watermelon! You can't have a get together without it....

Strawberry shortcake!

More strawberry shortcake.... Recipe HERE.

Isn't the sky beautiful?


We also played bocce ball! which is a favourite game in our family. Bocce ball is a very fun game where everyone tries to get their ball closest to the white ball. Sometimes it can be so hard to decide whose blal is closest....


  1. It sounds like you had a nice time on your picnic :)

  2. I love Bocce Ball! It's so fun! We some times play it at family gatherings and Sunday school picnics!

  3. I think my Dad got something like that for Christmas.We haven't got to play it yet though.Or I haven't.That food looks delicious!Especially the strawberry shortcake!Glad you had fun!sierra


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