Tuesday, June 14, 2011

I'm too lazy for a title today...

Wait... I did a title. So I guess I'm not too lazy. Who knew? :)

Hello all my beautiful followers!

School's out!

Anyone else here done school? I worked ahead this year so I could be done earlier, though I hope to do school through the summer if I'm not too busy.

As I sit here, my sister and I are watching Drive Through History Every heard of it?

The guy who does its name is Dave Stotts. He does an awesome job! He's so funny! The covers below are the two that we own, and they may be the only ones out. Though I believe a new one came out just recently, or not. My sister would know, not me. :)

(if you're thinking, "Why is this girl watching tv and blogging?" Technically, I'm not. I'm listening to the tv, and looking at the computer screen. Sad, isn't it?)

Here's the trailer to the Drive Through History series...

I'm reading a book called The Dead and the Gone, by Susan Beth Pfeffer. Wait a sec! A good part just came up on the movie! Okay, now I'm back. Back to the book.

At the moment when life as he had known it changed forever, Alex Morales was behind the counter at Joey’s Pizza, slicing a spinach pesto pie into eight roughly equal pieces.

When you hear the title, you probably think it's not a very pleasant book. Well.... until the end, it's not. It's a bit of a downer. I'm not done it yet, but so far it has been. My sister says it's gets a little more cheerful near the end.

Basically, the moon gets knocked out off orbit, and it causes volcanic eruptions, tsunamis, and other deadly things. Everyone goes crazy stocking up on food and getting all the things they know will soon disappear. Alex keeps hope though...

"Things'll work out," Alex said. "Give the scientists some time and they'll figure out what to do."
"This is too big for the scientists," Lorraine said. "Only God can save us now."
"Then He will," Alex said.


  1. We've watched one of the drive through history, though we have three of them. That guy's funny.

  2. You have THREE?! Why didn't you say so? Can I borrow one?


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