Saturday, June 4, 2011

I'm kinda tired...

Okay, not kinda. I am.

Very tired.

Very very tired.

I had a verrrry long day yesterday. But I had so much fun! I sure I wish I could post some pictures, I got some great ones!

Wait, I just realized, I haven't even told you what I did! I went to see the ocean with my friend's youth group. It was soooo much fun! I can't post all my pictures though. Such a pity... me and my friend got some great ones too!

I had to make my friend come, and now I think she's glad she did.

*checks her blog post about it*

Yeah, she is.

What are these exactly? I don't know. This is one picture I can post. Bet you can't tell where I live by looking at it!

We stopped at a store (not telling you what it's called) and got ice cream.

Me and my friend split a pack of fries.


I like how old fashioned this sign looks. If only they still cost only twenty-five cents *sigh*...
When I came home I found out my family rented "How To Train Your Dragon." If you haven't seen that movie, then you need to!

And now, I have somewhere very important to go.

Well, downstairs, anyway.

But that's very important.

Well, not really.

I'm going to practice violin!

Well, okay. That's semi-important.

WAIT! Did I just have an argument with myself?

I'm strange.

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