Friday, June 17, 2011

Reality is a lovely place. I just wouldn't want to live there.

That's from Owl City.

Does anyone here ever do mad libs? They're really funny. My family and I did some last night. Usually they turn out pretty weird, but they're still funny. Here are the ones my family and I did. The underlined words are the ones that my family added. The blue words are the ones that I added. If you see a really weird one - that might not even be an actual word - then that is probably my brother's.

Concert Program

This evening the famous orchestra conductor, Miquette Peterson, will present a program of classical iron pryers at Carnegie book. He will conduct the Timbuktu Symphony Orchestra, which was formed in 1935. It is noted for its excellent string and flower magnet-wind sections, considered to be the world's most terrifical.
The program will begin with Deubussy's "Clair de Dragon," followed by Mendelssohn's "Funner Song" and Strauss's "Tales of the Vienna Electrical Cords." Then we will hear Rachmaninoff's oboe Concerto, Number one, but only the corde and gentile movements. After intermission, the second half of the program will be devoted to playing in its entirety Betthoven's "Fifth Fireplace." Tickets are on sale at Jaelport.

Jaelport is from Jill Williamson's books. Notice how uncreative my words are? :)

Attack of the Worm Monsters

A classic but little known horror film is called The Hungry Protons. It's about ordinary worms that turn into huge, chocolatey, frightening, blooding sucking ticks after a nuclear explosion. Well, right away these big worms begin to get hungry, and I get you chameleons to naan breads you can't guess what they wanted to eat. Well, okay, so you made a lucky guess. They especially wanted to eat adorable sneakers and cute dung beetles. These creatures started white water rafting up everything alive in town. People began to get really nervous and many moved to Seattle. The others all became butter chicken or eggplant souffle for the monsters. About this time I left the theater as I was sang to death and wanted to get home to hide under my anteater with a pillow over my neurons.

Like I said above, all the blue ones are all mine.

How to Study

Evil teachers always give out pus spewing assignments. But, as everyone knows, if you want to pass all your classes so you can go to a school and become president of a big, international monstrous nightmare like Capitol Records and have millions of fire alarms in the bank, you must do your homework and study lousily. If you just sit around and wash, you won't get ahead in life. You You must learn to pay attention to every flowery thing your teacher says. Do not interrupt or whisper to other green colored mirrors during class. Be sure to have a nice ginormous notebook in which you can write down anything the teachers says that seems homely. Then go home and memorize all of those frigid notes. And when your teachers gives you a surprise quiz, you will know all of the screwdrivers and will get a Y.

For those who are wondering, monstrous nightmares are dragons, I think. That word was my sister's. And no, teachers are not evil, but how was who ever said that word supposed to know what it would describe? :)

Has anyone here ever heard of flash mobs? I can't explain them. One sec...

Okay, here's Wikipedia's definition:

A flash mob is a group of people who assemble suddenly in a public place, perform an unusual and sometimes seemingly pointless act for a brief time, then disperse, often for the purposes of entertainment and/or satire.

Here are some video examples:

This one is so clever! I love it!


  1. Hi,
    that would be great if you did it on your doll.
    I will have to think about the header thing, i still can't dicide if i like mine still or not.

  2. Those mad libs are so much fun!You don't even want to hear some of the stuff my sibs came up with :)
    I have seen the first one before.Have you seen the one to "doe a dear a female deer"
    (I don't know what that song is called!!!)
    It is great.There are actually two...
    have a good day!

  3. The first one is pretty common. :)

    No, I've never seen it. But I bet it's really good! I'll go look it up now...

    ♥Book blogger


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