Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Why does it seem like everything I look for is in the last place I look?

Because after I find it, I stop looking! 

My life is sweet, here are some reasons why......

Because when I was sewing today my dog came in and sat on the floor next to the CD player and looked really cute.

Because I baked chocolate chip cookies.

Because I sewed on my shirt.

Because I finished my novel.

Because I get to fly on a plane for the first time this week!!!!!!

Because I read a good book.

Why is your life sweet?

That's all for now!


  1. Cause I just got The One Year Novel Curriculum

    Cause I'm teaching myself the song Georgiana on the piano

    Cause the rain looks so pretty

    Cause my oma's here

    Cause a got half a huge double chocolate muffin for dessert after lunch

    Cause I read an awesome book (Waterfall)

    Cause I have people that love me

  2. Haaaaa, I was gonna be a smart-butt and answer your title, but then you beat me to it XD

    Cool blog!




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