Wednesday, June 8, 2011

It's Summer!

It's summer! (yes I realize that summer officially starts on the twenty-first of June, or something like that)

Reasons why it's summer:

Today I am wearing capris and a camp t-shirt

It's too hot to sleep with a blanket

It's too hot for flannel pajamas

Oh, for sure, I'm going to miss Winter/Spring, but I like summer. A lot. I'm going to be pretty busy this summer, and busy summers are the best kind! Though I do know some people who might not agree with me on that.

Yesterday I made grapejuice popsicles (Note to Scezzle: Yes, I realize that you can't stand grape juice. You have made that clear countless times whenever we have breakfast together and grape juice is all I have :).

I was in a hurry when I took the pictures, though, so they're not that good. You're probably thinking, Yikes! This girl takes pictures of everything! And, well, you're right.

Here they are, ready to go in the freezer.

All done! I have to tell you, though, that we had quite a lot of trouble getting them out.

Random Question: What juice do you like best? And why?

I love how bright and cheerful grape juice looks, maybe that's one reason I drink it so much. Orange juice looks kind of... I don't know... boring? Grape juice, as I said above, is colourful and cheerful, it makes you want to drink it. :)

Yes, I know that's weird.

So, what are you doing this summer?


  1. I like grape juice and cranberry (plus grape) juice.Those look cool.I've always wanted to try to do that.I know what you mean about blankets.I may sometimes(every night usually) read under the covers.And I have to use to or else my blankets will glow.And I get sooo hot in there!So I can understand.for summer I am doing several reading programs, going to at least two Bible schools and going swimming.Nothing too big.Sierra

  2. I might actually eat those! XD Yeah, I hate grape juice.
    I like orange juice, but my oma makes AWESOME raspberry punch! juice mixed with ginger ale tastes so good too.


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