Saturday, May 7, 2011

ABC tag

I just got an ABC tag from Lauren over @ The Nerve Of Verve!

I tag Scezzle. Now, for my answers...


Age: 12
Bed size: I don't know. The regular?
Chore you hate: Vacuuming
Dogs: One dog, named Chubby. Pictures of him HERE.
Essential start of your day: My breakfast! *Must...have...breakfast
Favorite color: BLUE! and then green.
Height: Not sure. 5"7? 5"8? Haven't checked in a while. Maybe I'm just 5"6.
Instruments I play (or have played): I play violin, piano, and am learning a little guitar
Job title: Paper deliverer
Kids: I'm twelve.
Live: That's getting personal. Let us say "N/A". (not applicable)
Mom's name: Hmmm... how about Marie? No, that's not her name.
Nickname: Uh, to tell you that I'd have to tell you my name. Sorry, no can do.
Pet peeve: When people chew really loud. *shivers* This is a rather large pet peeve.
Quote from a movie: "This is not about going back. This is about life being ahead of you and you run at it! Because you never know how far you can run unless you run. " That's from Secretariat. I also like: "There's something delicious about writing those first few words of a story. You can never quite tell where they will take you." That's from Miss Potter.
Right or left handed: Right, though sometimes I wish I was left handed.
Siblings: Top secret.
Time you wake up: 7:00? 7:30? Maybe sometimes 8:00?
Underwear: I'd have to give it some thought. Isn't that kind of an odd question? :)
Vegetables you dislike: Tomatoes.
What makes you run late: When I have to go to the bathroom? Sometimes 'cause I forget something. Other times just because I'm not ready when it's time to leave.
X-rays you've had done: None.
Yummy food you make: It would take a while to list them all. :)

WOW that's long! I'm tired. I played in a concert last night so I went to bed late.

I've got to go do my paper route now. Please excuse me.


  1. Wait, I just notice who you're going to tag. :P Me.


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