Monday, May 9, 2011

Endless Ocean: Blue World: Wii

Please excuse the blurriness of any photos. I took them with my camera off of a tv screen, and it's hard to take pictures of a tv screen that's moving.

In Endless Ocean: Blue world, you play a University student who is interested in the ocean. You find an opportunity for a job on Nineball Island, where there is a small diving service. On it lives captain Jean-Eric Louvier and his granddaughter, Oceana. Captain Louvier won the island in a game of nineball, promptly christening it "Nineball Island."

Captain Louvier's son, Oceana's father, died fifteen years earlier while trying exploring a sunken city legend called "Song of Dragons." The "Song of Dragons" is a mysterious song that is heard ocean wide. Everyone has a different idea about what it is. That is why Captain Louvier's son tried to find out more about it and uncover its secret, with unfortunate results. Captain Louvier tries to stay clear of anything to do with the dark, mysterious legend that killed his son, but Oceana, a more out-going person, is eager to find out what happened to her father and quickly agrees to anything that will help her find the truth of the legend and her father's death. But as the mystery unfolds, you find yourself on a twisting pathway that seemingly has no end. You find questions and no answers.

If you want to take a break from the mystery, there are lots of side things to do. You can call in Nancy, a jack-of-all-trades, and have her cut your hair, buy things from her, or talk to Oceana and see if there are any requests for you to lead a diving tour. You can check with Jean-Eric to see if any magazines have sent in photo requests for their articles. You can lead dolphin/whale shows or take quests. You can hunt for treasure or manage an aquarium! (Which is my favourite part of the game, by the way.) Or you can just take a pleasure dive in the ocean and go for a swim or look for new species of animals. The opportunities are endless!

Game characters:

You: I can't decide on this. How your character acts and looks is totally up to you. The picture below is what my character looks like, yours will look however you want it to.

Oceana: The only and best diver in the L&L diving service, Oceana is head strong and eager to find out what happened to her father when he died searching for the answer to a mysterious legend called "Song of Dragons."

GG: GG is a famous American diver. He may seem like a braggart who wants to get his hands onto the treasure that the "Song of Dragons" legend speaks of and flaunt his colourful wetsuit, but he too is in search of the Pacifica treasure, and he's good at what he does. He may prove to be in the way at first, but a common goal will eventually convince you to work with him. Once you get to know him he may share his story with you, and it's a sad one.

Nancy: She often speaks in rhymes, she cuts your hair, she sells you stuff, she appraises your ocean finds, and she lets you know about what's going on in the outside world. What more could you ask for?

Hayako Sakurai: Hayako is a highly educated scientist with a wealth of knowledge about the ancient Okeanos civilization. She’ll prove invaluable to the L&L Diving Service once they ramp up their search for  clues to the hereabouts of the Okeanos’ Pacifica Treasure. She also helps you run the aquarium and lets you know what sorts of animals that visitors would like to see. Besides that she arranges dolphin/whale shows and will also test your animals every once in a while to see if they can go up to the next level.

Captain Jean Eric Louvier: The founder of L&L Diving Service and a renowned ocean explorer, Jean-Eric has his hands full looking after his rambunctious granddaughter, Oceana. Since he's getting old, he won't dive with you. Instead he stays on the boat and directs you from there (yes, I realize his picture is too small).

You will meet lots of others when you play this game, but to describe them all would take a very long time. The ones I have talked about above are the ones that live on Nineball island (except Nancy. But she will always come when you call her).

My comments:

Talk about a great game! My favourite wii game ever! Not only is there lots to do, but you could play it forever and not get bored! There is always new ocean areas to explore, animals to identify, people to meet, or treasure to find. There always lots of quests coming in for you to do, and if you don't feel like doing anything I mentioned above you could always lead a tour or dolphin/whale show! The fun possibilities are endless! You also get a chance to adopt a dog! The only real thing I can find wrong with this game is that Oceana and Nancy's shirts are both rather short. The most violence thing in the game is that you get attacked by sharks.

Game pictures:

This is my narwhal, who I found and trained, Rebound. I've befriended and trained about seven dolphins in all.

This is my beluga whose name I don't remember. I'll have to check later on.

This is a picture of Nineball island.

This is a picture from my aquarium.

Another aquarium picture

Another aquarium picture.

Yup, another aquarium picture.

This is my dolphin, Star.

Some ocean pictures:

A rare ocean Sunfish

Humpback whales

Commerson's Dolphin

I believe this is a Long tooth grouper.


This is what it looks like when people send in requests.

Overall game rating: 9/10

My sister found a kid reviewing it on youtube. Here's his video.


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