Saturday, May 21, 2011

Writing Tag

Isn't this picture so cute?

Sierra over @ Whispers of the Wind posted a Writer's Tag on her blog. First you write about yourself, and then a character from your story.

What is your name?
Book blogger

How old are you?
Does it really matter?

What do you like most about writing?
Making up characters! I can put anything into them, no one decides for me. Red hair, for instance. Just ask anyone, almost all my main characters always have red hair.

How many books are you writing or have written?
I am writing a lot of stories, but none of them are coming out right. Right now though, I have an idea that has been slowly turning into a story... I just need to write it down.

Now, do this quiz for one of your favorite characters you have come up with for a book.
Here's the main character to a book I'm just beginning to write...

To start with, her picture:



Hair color:

Eye Color:

5 feet, 5 inches. I'm not sure, is that an average height for a girl?

Very, very skinny. The exact weight? I'm not sure.
Biggest Pet Peeve:
Being ignored. She loves being the center of attention, and is always the most popular.

Favorite Color:
Bright colours. As I said, she loves to be noticed.

One adopted sibling, Annice. She's seventeen years-old, but is in the same grade as Mikah, as she did not have proper schooling until she moved in with Mikah's family.

Her mother, a hair-stylist, and her father, a clothing store manager. That's one reason that she's so popular, her mom always does her hair in the latest style and her dad makes sure her clothes are never out-dated.


  1. Cool tag and great answers.She sounds very interesting.Sierra

  2. At age sixteen? I think that's about it. Maybe 5 foot 6, 5 foot 7. I'm 5 foot 8, but I'm taller than my 17 year old cousin.

  3. Ha ha! That picture's really funny!


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