Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Movies... and lots of them!

In this post I will cover off some of my favourite movies! Let's start with Ramona and Beezus...

I just love this movie! Ramona is so cute, and Beezus is so pretty!

There are some great moments in this movie! I love it when Ramona tries out to be an actor for a commercial on TV and she knocks over the giant plastic sandwich. It's really funny! I also like the part when the family and some neighbors get into a big water fight (picture below).

Or the time when Ramona and Beezus overhear their parents talking about their Dad losing his job and Ramona decides it's up to her to save the house. She even tries to sell lemonade, much to Beezus's embarrassment.

Another funny thing that happens in this story, is that Ramona's aunt's old beau shows up and he tries to get her to fall in love with him again.

I love this picture of Ramona and Beezus...

Yup, Beezus has a boyfriend (Henry).

All in all, I highly recommend this movie. As for objectional content, Beezus and Henry kiss. And so do Ramona's aunt and the person she marries. In the area of bad language, an angry Ramona shouts "Butt out, Beezus!" a couple of times. And one time she gets so frustrated she warns her parents that she's about to say a really bad word. They tell her to go ahead if she must, and she blurts out, "Guts!" "Jerk," "doofus," "nutball" and "oh my gosh" also pop up.

Drugs and alcohol.


None that I remember.

Other bad elements would be just Ramona's occasional grumpy moments when she gets mad and does something to get back at the people who made her mad, like when she squeezes a whole tube of toothpaste into the sink.

Plugged In's review HERE.

Now let's move onto the movie, Ice Princess.

This is a great movie! Casey decides to pursue physics as her life career, and one of her teachers even recommends her for a Harvard physics scholarship! But then Casey begins to question her life goals after watching some figure skaters training for the Olympics. She decides that she wants to be a figure skater.

Unfortunately, her mom does not agree with her dreams. But Casey figures out a way to get to watch figure skating and do a "scholarship project" at the same time. She studies the aerodynamics of three aspiring figure skaters, using complex formulas and computer technology to break down their routines.

But being around them only makes her want it more, so she decides to begin figure skating lessons - behind her mother's back.

A couple weeks of skating brings her up to the level that the girls she studied for her project were at. But Tina Harwood, Casey's coach, doesn't want anything or anyone to get in her way of her plans to send her daughter, Jen, to the Olympics.

Casey faces betrayal, an angry mother, and a jealous coach. Will her figure skating dream every come true?

In this picture Casey anxiously awaits her skating mark.

Yup, Casey has a boyfriend. He's the Zamboni driver for the ice rink.

Yup, they kiss once... I think. I'm fairly sure they do. Other girls kiss their boyfriends too.

Bad language.


Two uses of “butt” and an exclamation of “oh my god.” They also say “That pretty much blew.”

Drugs or alcohol.

Casey goes to a party with Jen and teens drink from opaque plastic cups.

Plugged In's review HERE.

And now we move Cats and Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore.

Yes, I realize that I'm reviewing this movie. I thought I would warn you off. I would not watch this movie again. The strange-looking cat above is... are you ready for this?... Kitty Galore! Not much to look at, is she? When she was younger, she fell into a vat of hair removal cream, and since then she's been hairless. Gone was her beautiful white fur and happy days. Her owners, not recognizing her without her hair, would not let her in the house.

And you know why she ended up in that hair removal cream? Because a dog chased her into it! Since then she's been unforgiving towards dogs - and out to get them. In fact, she has plans to get rid of all of them! She created a sound system called "The Call Of The Wild." When she sets if off, all the dogs go crazy and the owners send them to the pound. And her revenge will be sweet.

The day Kitty Galore sets off the Call Of The Wild is drawing near... cats and dogs must join together to stop the evil Kitty Galore.

I love how the dogs and cats, though they don't like each other, decide to work together in the end.

Okay, I'm not going to lie, there were some good parts in this movie. Like when a cat and dog think they're going to die, so they start sharing secrets. But all in all, I wouldn't watch this movie again.

I'm not going to go into depth with the objectional content, but if you want to read it, go HERE.

And last, but most certainly not least, Miss Potter.

Beatrix Potter, a woman who decided never to marry, wishes to get her children's books published.

She loves to write and tell stories, and everything, to her, is real. Sometimes, in the movie, she uses her imagination and her characters start to move around the page, and she tell them to "sit and stay still." It's really cute, like when a frog she draws falls into the water because a fish tugged on his line too hard. 

Then she meets another girl who has decided not to marry - and falls in love with the girl's brother.

Highly recommend

I really do have to go, or else I'd go into more detail. HERE's a link to Plugged In's review.


  1. Wow!
    Ramona and Beezus was really good, Cats and Dogs: The revenge of Kitty Galore was alright.
    I REALLY want to watch Ice Princess, and Beatrix Potter sounds interesting.

  2. The first three I love!Especially Ramona And Beezus.Haven't seen Ms. Potter.Sierra


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