Wednesday, May 4, 2011

On Movies...(#5)

Hey everyone!
Just a quick question and we'll get to the movie scenes. Who here watched the Royal wedding? Wasn't Kate so pretty?
Now, here are the movie scenes to guess!
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  1. 1. I don't know!
    2. Toy Story 3
    3. Miss Potter... ?
    4. Narnia (I don't know which)
    5. I think a different Narnia (I don't know which)
    6. Ice Princes... ?

    Will you post the answers? :)


  2. Hello! I'm Faith's sister and I now follow you!
    Here are my answers:

    1. Parent Trap
    2. Toy Story 3
    3. Miss Potter
    4. The Chronicles of Narnia; Prince Caspian
    5. The Chronicles of Narnia; The Voyage of the Dawn Treader
    6. Ice Princess

    There we go!


  3. Parent Trap? (Wild guess)
    Toy story
    No clue
    Prince Caspian
    The Lion, The witch, and the wardrobe--No, the Voyage of the dawn treader?
    Ice Princess?

  4. 1.The first Parent trap.
    2.Toy Story 3
    4.Prince Caspian
    5.The Voyage of The Dawn Treader

    I did watch the wedding and Kate was gorgeous!A mix of modern and fairy tale I thought.Sierra

  5. No, I did not watch the wedding :(

    1. I don't know
    2. I don't know
    3. I don't know
    4. Prince Caspian! One of my favorite movies :)
    5. The Voyage of the Dawn Treader! Another of my favorites!
    6. I don't know
    Boy, out of six I only know two! Oh well.
    In Christ,

  6. By the way, I did watch the wedding. Kate was lovely. Her dress was absolutely beautiful. I feel like smiling everytime I think about that beautiful dress! :)



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