Monday, May 23, 2011

I am so very happy....

Hello everyone! I have some VERY exciting news! I think that I mentioned before that I was in a violin competition. If I didn't, then now you know. Anyways, I won something for it!!! For the third year in a row!!! I am so happy!

Also, I took second in Scezzle's short story contest with my story, "White Death."


  1. Congratulations!Glad you won!Sierra

  2. Hi book blogger! Congrats for your winnings! ;)

    For the answer to your question that you left on my blog post; yes, I really did take that picture. :)

  3. Ok, here is how I got the notes by my name: &-#-9-8-3-5-; (but without the lines in between) :)


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