Saturday, May 28, 2011

How are you? I'm doing all right, thanks. :)

I had my best friend, Scezzle, over for a sleepover! It was lots of fun! We went to her youth group together, where we played capture the flag, and then we watched Tangled. Tangled is so awesome! I love the story line. If only I could come up with something that ingenious for one of my stories.

Rapunzel is the best!!!!! She is so pretty!

Don't you just LOVE how big her eyes are?

 I like everything about Rapunzel. Her beautiful, long hair, her big eyes, and her really sweet personality.

Don't you love how long her hair is? It must get annoying dragging it around with you all day, though.


 I really like the opening song to this movie (yes, it's a musical, but the songs are really good!).

This is Mother Gothel (or is it spelled Gothal?). She's pretty important to this story. Doesn't she look so nice? Cause she's not! In the movie she kidnaps Rapunzel, because Rapunzel has magic hair that will keep people young and heal their wounds. Mother Gothel (with the help of Rapunzel's hair) manages to stay young for hundreds of years.

That horse is so funny! He really adds to the movie! I love the way he acts like a dog.

Doesn't he look so cute? Kind of like my husky, actually.

And, or course, Flynn, the wanted thief. In the end he's a good guy, though. And he is basically the main character, so, you'll get used to him. He is sooo funny!

"They just can't get my nose right!"

This movie is so awesome! The basic story line is that Mother Gothel kidnaps Rapunzel because she has magic hair that keeps people young for as long as they want. She won't let Rapunzel leave the tower, EVER! Then Flynn finds where Rapunzel is hidden and takes Rapunzel outside into the real world. And so on. You'll just have to watch the movie to find out.

Click HERE for more detail on the story line and a Christian review of it.


  1. Rapunzel's head is too big for her head. And I can't see why she doesn't braid it.

  2. Yeah, Flynn!!! XD
    And Pascal, and Rapunzel, and Maximus, and the frying pan...

  3. I love all those characters!Except Mother Gothel (I'm not sure how to spell it...)It has so many funny lines! And Rapunzel was so sweet and all.Sierra

  4. @ Nicki T.: I LIKE Rapunzel's head. And her hair is nice down.

    @ Scezzle: Agreed. Especially the frying pan part.

    @ Sierra: Rapunzel IS really sweet. I kind of like Mother Gothel - even though she is the bad guy...


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